Hi there, today we are going to talk about ourselves and ‘FatRabbit’, our reverse minesweeper style game.

PurpleOrangeGames has existed since 2010. In the beginning we dreamed a lot about what we wanted to do, but reality kind of slapped us in our faces. We were young and inexperienced! Our first project was StarLife. It is still on our minds, but we have put it on hold for now. Mostly because we found it was too ambitious for an indie group working in our spare time.

Today things are a bit different. We have started to act more as a group than a bunch of individuals. We now care more about doing the work than just talking about it. Although we are still pressed for time, we are ready to try harder and finally reach our dream of making games! We have found a great combination of artists and developers….we found chemistry!

One of our selling points is being able to use as many open source and free tools as possible. We are doing this for several reasons:

  • You can’t beat free!
  • It’s easy to find free high quality projects these days.
  • It’s a lot easier to share and collaborate.
  • Usually there is great a community, and it’s a lot easier to contact the devs, especially on open source projects.
  • Our money is better spent on books and courses so we can invest in ourselves!

Our artist Danilo for example has been using Krita, Aseprite, Inkscape and our game engine is Godot, which is MIT and perfect for customization. We plan on using it on all our projects!

While we have been learning about Godot, Danilo has been working on the main character for FatRabbit, the rabbit called.. ‘Fat!’

The first draft for the story is that Fat is from a planet far away in the galaxy. His species had just become embroiled in an interestellar war. He was being pursued by his enemies so he jumps into hyperspace and crashes on a planet he has never seen before. His life support equipment is defective because of the crash, so he starts to get hungry. It’s a hunger so strong he feels he is about to pass out! He must eat as much as he can while trying to find a way to get back home.

For those interested in Godot, it mainly uses a script language called gdscript, which resembles python. I say mainly because the source code is C++ and it’s MIT so you can code your entire game or parts of it directly in the engine using C++.

We came from Qt Framework which is great for applications but not so great for games. We tried it for several years hoping QtQuick/QML would mature.

Our first prototype of FatRabbit was made in Qt, without a UI. It used QStringList and QMap, and in two days we converted it to gdscript. This was our first time using it.

The code was mainly used to generate random maps based on a configuration file, and simulate mouse clicks on a tile to uncover it. Later we used surt’s public domain tiles to test Godot TileMap object. We are now making changes to use isometric tiles.

Remember that this is just a prototype and may change radically over the next few weeks.